A Love Story Pure and Simple
They would drive into town every Saturday,
To shop at the grocers and the hardware store,
in an old, red, Chevrolet truck,
with a dented fender and one black door.

She wore her best dress, a little too much powder,
and a big, old fashioned gold locket.
He wore bib overalls, a clean plaid shirt,
and a red bandana sticking out of his pocket.

She had a soft, sweet face, and was always smiling,
and her false teeth clicked when she spoke.
She looked at him as if he hung the moon,
and laughed like a girl at all of his jokes.

"He gave me this locket the day we got married,"
she said and they both beamed with pride.
She opened it up and showed us a picture
of a handsome young man and a lovely young bride.

He looked at the picture, and he looked at her.
His smile brought a sparkle to her faded blue eyes.
"I picked those honeysuckles she wore in her hair,
it was the first day of April 1925!"

Arm in arm they walked out the door,
He helped her into the truck with loving care.
Just like a young husband, passionate and proud,
and his lovely bride with flowers in her hair.

By Charlotte Perry
©2015 Charlotte Perry